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What should I do when my Springfield home alarm system goes off?

July 03, 2023
Home security alarm notification on smartphone.

Your home security system protects your home – and your family members – against the various risks you might encounter, like break-ins, fire, and flooding. Although your home might be prepared, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are. Do you understand what to do if your Springfield home alarm system goes off? The sound of an alarm is likely to be jarring, bewildering, and may incite panic. Your best option is to stay composed and adhere to these easy guidelines.

Actions to Take Whenever Your Home Alarm System In Springfield Sounds

Nobody wants to be in this situation, but it’s also why you ordered a home alarm system from the outset. You’re woken up from a deep sleep with the telltale blasting of an alarm after one of your sensors has been tripped. So what should you do?

  1. Try not to panic. This is easy to say but harder to do when your home security alarm is blasting, and your heart is beating rapidly. But keeping a cool head is the best way to evaluate the situation. Avoid the impulse of trying to manage the emergency alone instead permit your monitoring professionals and first responders to perform their job.
  2. Attend to your loved ones. Your priority should be your loved ones and getting them to safety. If you are dealing with a intrusion, this might include proceeding to a designated safe zone as far away from entry points as possible. The invader was probably already scared off by the alarm, but it’s always smart to be extra careful. If there’s smoke or a blaze, you ought to leave your home right away.
  3. Grab your phone. Most individuals keep their cell phones with them all the time these days, but you may neglect to pick it up during an urgent situation. It’s a good thing to have. You’ll have the opportunity to keep in contact with your monitoring specialists and get notifications through your home security app.

Connect With Your 24/7 Monitoring Team

Any time your home alarm system in Springfield goes off, your 24/7 monitoring professionals will act immediately. The first move is to verify your alarm, and that means getting in contact with you. The protocol they abide by is dependent on the sort of emergency. For example, when the emergency is of a medical nature, a single attempt will be made to reach you before help is deployed. In the event of a break-in - the most common kind of event - a monitoring professional will follow these steps to get in touch with you:

  • An attempt will be made to reach you using the command hub. You will generally be required to supply a passcode.
  • If that effort doesn’t get a response, a call is attempted to your main contact number.
  • A secondary number or your primary contact person is attempted next.
  • If there is still no answer, nearby police are deployed.
  • Your monitoring agents will follow up with you again once emergency personnel are contacted.

If you're not in a position to converse with monitoring agents, that’s OK. Assistance will still be deployed even if you're unable to verify the emergency.

Get prepared for any crisis with a Vivint home alarm system in Springfield

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